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Hospitality Management BSc (Hons)

The course has been amazing so far, absolutely loving it! The lecturers have been supportive and convey real enthusiasm for their subjects.

English and Philosophy BA (Hons)

Fantastic course and a great city. It’s a wonderful university, fantastic student community. The tutors are a bit of a mixed bag, as always I suppose, but on the whole very good.

Drama BA (Hons)

I’m really enjoying my course at Exeter! I settled in quickly fast and really enjoy my course, it’s been a perfect choice for me.

Management (Marketing) BSc (Hons)

Loved my time in Manchester! Vibrant, lively city with great night life. I enjoyed the course, it’s challenging but very relevant. The lecturers were very good, overall, really knew their subject and supportive.

Wedding Planner Diploma

This is a good course covering the foundations of wedding planning well. If you are interested in working as a wedding planner, this course covers everything you need. Excellent support team too!

Foundation Degree in Health and Fitness

This is my first year and so far I have great been really pleased with my experience at Barnet College. The facilities are excellent, and I’ve been able to get the support I need from my tutors face-to-face, by email and through Moodle. I’m able to use all their facilities with the support team at […]

International Business and Economics BSc (Hons)

My time at Aston has been a great experience. This is an awesome city, the campus is good and the teaching has been first-class. The university is very diverse which is fantastic compared to most universities. There are excellent travel links as well as good part-time job opportunities in all industries.

Sports and Social Sciences BA (Hons)

Awesome course. Love University. That is a great city to live in and the uni has loads to offer. Would definitely recommend.

Law BA (Hons)

An interesting course with knowledgeable and supportive lecturers. There is a lot of work here so don’t expect an easy time. Student life is excellent. I really like the student union. The city is quiet compared to many university cities but very attractive.

Philosophy and Politics MA (Hons)

I’ve really enjoyed the course. The lecturers are generally very good and willing to answer extra questions. Some courses are really interesting but way oversubscribed so it can be hard to get the courses you want. My accommodation is lovely.